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Providing the high performing professional sustainable holistic health solutions to fit into their busy lives

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Health Guide for the Busy Professional 

7 Steps to Naturally Improve your Health in your Busy Life  


Customized Nutritional Programs

We make sure to take into account all aspects of our clients to provide the best personalized plan possible. We do not provide cookie cutter progroms, but rather a blueprint tailored to our clients to improve health outcomes, create a better relationship with food, reduce your stress levels and transform your body in the process. 

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Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching  

Our coaching provides various options for the individual looking to take their health more seriously. Having a proper nutritional plan is important, but it's just as important to have a customized exercise regimen that fits your experience and goals combined with accountability. You will have all you need at your fingertips with our personal app available on Apple and Android with Dr. McElderry as your personal coach.


Corporate Wellness Solutions

Creating a sustainable lifestyle is our mission and we intend to adhere to our core values by providing workplace programs to improve your employee's health, well-being and productivity.



Dr. Bryan McElderry, Pharm.D. 

Founder | Health Coach | Consultant | Doctor of Pharmacy

Growing up in the south my nutritional habits were not the best, even as a previous athlete. After entering pharmacy school, I decided to invest in my own transformation to live a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. By having control over my body, it has tremendously improved all aspects of my life.

Therefore, through my knowledge and expertise in holistic health practices, I have now committed to help others regain their health, feel confident in their own skin, and create their ideal body. 

"Your body is a valuable asset and should be treated as such."


Dr. Ally Bell, Pharm.D.

Health Coach | Consultant | Doctor of Pharmacy

I am originally from a small town in central Illinois. Being from such a small area, we were multi-sport athletes that never had to worry about what we were eating. Transitioning to pharmacy school, I could never see myself in school and not playing a sport, so I continued volleyball and basketball in college. With playing two sports I thought I could continue my same eating habits, and that was just not true. Here is where I first started to truly look at the food I was consuming and through trial and error I’m hoping to use my knowledge to help others achieve not only their best physical health but mental health as well.