As a person I am usually a creature of habit pretty set in my routine, and anxiety usually isn’t far behind when deviations occur. But I’m trying new things to help with stress and muscle soreness.

I’m incorporating more yoga into my workout routine for flexibility and meditation. As a pharmacist, wife, dog mom, and entrepreneur my mind is constantly go go go. So, meditation is something that I struggle with.

Think about it, with everything that is going on in your life could you honestly sit down in quiet, for a set amount of time, and close your eyes for self-reflection and not let the noise of life creep in and your mind wander to that to-do list? This is a work in progress for me, so I tried something new and tried floating for the first time!

For anyone that doesn’t know what floating is, it’s a sensory deprivation technique to help release anxiety and focus on meditation. It a 7ft tall tank with about 10 inches of water that is filled with Epsom salt and water. They heat the water to 93.5 degrees which is bio-neutral (it is a comfortable temperature). You can choose to keep the tank completely dark or you can keep the aqua blue lights on. Here in complete darkness, in a weightless environment is where you achieve the most relaxed meditation. 

I’ll be honest my floating technique will need some work. Normally I am a stomach sleeper and here you float on your back. I had to get all of my wiggles out and I had to find the right position for me to be comfortable in. The most difficult part for me is letting completely go of my neck and head. I struggle the same with massages. Once I relaxed my neck I had to work on my shoulders and upper back. It took me awhile, but I finally calmed my mind and found a comfortable position. 

There are many benefits to floating.  I use it for sore muscles and joints from working out. But many people use it as their own form of physical therapy. People can stretch in the anti-gravity environment that they are not able to do on a physical therapy table or on the floor. It is also beneficial for pregnant women. They’re able to float belly down and relieve the pressure in their back. They center will instruct several safe ways for pregnant to float with pool noodles and other supportive devices.

All in all, I had a great experience. I can’t say enough good things about Infinity Float Center in League City. Jennifer did a great job with all my questions and we will be going back again. I will be adding floating into my regimen. Not only for the physical benefits but the mental as well. I highly recommend you give floating a try!

Author: Dr. Ally Bell, Pharm.D.

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